Succulents & Exotics

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               Item 396                 Burgundy succulents, green sedums and ferns in a round,                           $35.00                    black ceramic vase - all-around.

      Height: 11" Width: 9"

               Item 392                 Yellow, orange, and green exotics, ferns and pin-cushions                           $48.00                    in a dark brown, leather, book container - one-sided.

      Height: 9" Width: 15"

               Item 393                 Succulents, sedums, ferns, ivy and moss on a wood tiki hut                         $68.00                    with two glass bottles illuminated by battery-operated, warm-                LIGHTS UP!               white, on/off, LED fairy lights.

      Height: 12" Width: 10"    (Batteries included)